Flexibility Kink Resistance

Flexibility Kink Resistance: Measured parameters

  • Ability of the device to bend in order to accommodate the predetermined clinically relevant radius or angle it will be required to negotiate during access and delivery
  • Flexibility Kink resistance of stent, catheter and interventional devices

Flexibility Kink Resistance: Scope

  • Catheters, guidewires, percutaneous heart valves delivery systems, colonoscopes, endoscopes,…

ASTM F2606

IDTE 2000 - Interventional Device Testing Equipment

Flexibility Kink Resistance: Test method description

We provide complete programs and engineering solutions to measure the flexibility, and the kink resistance of stent, catheters and other similar devices. We provide validated test methods for measurement and verification of the device bend radius, including methods for verifying that the nominal values disclosed by the manufacturer are within the permitted tolerances.

One of the proposed methods is three point bending against ASTM F2606. The device is positioned on a specific bench fixture. The sample stands horizontally, perpendicular to the 2 lower static supports, with the applied deflection site centered between them. Displacements and forces are recorded.