Machine Solutions Inc. – Radial Force Tester RX550

Stent Radial Force: Measured parameters

  • Crush resistance – Load under constant displacement
  • Stent Hoop force
  • Stent Radial force
  • Stent Diameter
  • Temperature

Stent Radial Force Measurement: Scope

  • Balloon expandable and self-expanding stents
  • PTA, PTCA, coronary and peripheral stent
  • Valve stent

Stent Radial Force Measurement: Applicable standards

Stent Radial Force Measurement: Associated tests

*RX Equipment Images courtesy of Machine Solutions Inc.

Stent Radial Force Measurement: Test method description

Samples are tested for radial force. The RX550 from Machine Solutions Inc. is used to measure both the radial force and the diameter while decreasing the stent diameter according to a specified profile. The specific geometry of the head (12 segments) allows compressing the sample uniformly, with very low friction force.

Stent Radial Force Measurement: Specifications
  • Stainless Steel twelve segment design
  • Friction levels <0.3N.
  • Imbedded temperature sensor (accuracy ± 1.2°C)
  • High data speed acquisition (100 sample/s)
  • Diameter control command (manual setting or prescribed ramp, cycle or from file)
  • Force control command (prescribed ramp)
  • Diameter, hoop force and temperature traceability (CSV file)