Balloon Expandable Stent - After Balloon Inflation
Balloon Expandable Stent – After Balloon Inflation

Stent Uniformity of Expansion: Measured parameters

  • Stent expansion uniformity: Difference between the largest and smallest diameter measurement on a single stent deployed to its labelled diameter

Stent Uniformity of Expansion: Scope

  • Balloon Expandable Stent
  • Self-expending stent
  • SS, CrCo, NiTi, any other metal alloys

Stent Uniformity of Expansion: Associated stent expansion uniformity tests

  • Stent Recoil and foreshortening
  • Dimensional Attributes of Vascular Stents
  • Stent radial force measurement

Stent Uniformity of Expansion: Test method description

A contactless optical gauging machine (Smartscope, OGP) is used (highest magnification: x145) to assess stent expansion uniformity. Diameter is measured at 3 axial locations of the stent and 2 perpendicular circumferential orientations when the stent is deployed at his labeled diameter.