Dual Chamber Pulse Duplicator

Heart Valve Testing – Pulsatile Flow: Measured parameters

  • Valve pressure gradient
  • Geometric Orifice Area (valve opened)
  • Regurgitation Orifice Area (valve closed)
  • Effective Orifice Area (EOA)
  • Measure regurgitant volumes for different operating conditions
  • Assess kinematics of valve leaflets

Heart Valve Testing - Pulsatile Flow: Scope

  • Hydrodynamic performance of artificial heart valves prosthesis
  • Hydrodynamic performance of any valvular prosthesis
  • Hydrodynamic performance of surgical, transapical, TAVI and any transcatheter valve
  • Hydrodynamic performance of biological, polyester, mechanical valves

Heart Valve Testing - Pulsatile Flow: Applicable standards

Heart Valve Testing - Pulsatile Flow: Associated tests

  • Flow characterization studies (PIV & Echo Doppler)
  • Device pre-conditioning - Simulated use on IDTE 2000
  • Accelerated Stent Fatigue Testing
  • Post deflection, Burst pressure, Valve migration
  • Accelerated Wear and Tear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Steady Flow Testing
  • Leaflet kinematics
  • Ring integrity, Ring push off, Ring torque
  • Stent creep (polymeric stent)
  • Leaflet impingement & escape force (mechanical valve)

Heart Valve Testing – Pulsatile Flow