Heart Valve Testing
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Heart valve testing: Type

  • Heart valve prostheses
  • Heart Valves: Mechanical, Biological, Synthetic
  • Heart Valves: Surgical or TAVI

Heart valve testing: Associated tests

  • Hydrodynamic performance
  • Accelerated Wear and Tear
  • Flow Visualization -PIV-Echo Doppler
  • Crush resistance
  • Corrosion – Passivation, Galvanic, Degradation
  • Delivery system functional performance
  • Radiaopacity
  • All stent related tests

FDA guidelines heart valves

Heart valve testing:

Complete programs and engineering solutions for testing heart valve prostheses including TAVI systems. Provide test methods for measurement and verification of the dimensions and mechanical properties of heart valves, including methods for verifying that the nominal values disclosed by the manufacturer are within the permitted tolerances.