Heart Valve Testing – Pulsatile Flow

Heart Valve Testing – Pulsatile Flow: Measured parameters Valve pressure gradient Geometric Orifice Area (valve opened) Regurgitation Orifice Area (valve closed) Effective Orifice Area (EOA) Measure regurgitant volumes for different […]

Stent Radial Force Measurement (Displacement Control)

Stent Radial Force: Measured parameters Crush resistance – Load under constant displacement Stent Hoop force Stent Radial force Stent Diameter Temperature Stent Radial Force Measurement: Scope Balloon expandable and self-expanding […]

Stent Securement Testing Equipment

  STENT SECUREMENT TESTING SR1000-2           The SR1000 Stent Securement Testing Equipment is designed to measure and record the force required to dislodge a balloon-expandable stent […]

IDTE 1000 – Push Track Tester

The Interventional Device Testing Equipment (IDTE) from MSI is the state of the art catheter testing equipment.  The IDTE is designed to comparatively and quantitatively tests and records the performance […]